Due to the pandemic, what started as a promising new sitcom that won the FESTIVAL FAVORITE award at the LGBTQ Cinema Diverse Film Festival in Palm Springs has now been redirected into a 2-act staged play!

It’s the Odd Couple meets Laverne & Shirley!

Chester Bateman, a newly out and recently divorced professor of psychology was dumped, defrauded and stripped of his life savings by his very first boyfriend. Now, in need of a roommate for financial support, in walks Vent, an out and proud, free-spirited, horny bartender. How can these unlikely roommates possibly get along? While Chester tries to find peace and closure from the tragic loss of his very first and only love, Vent tries something he’s never tried before…a second date. Lifestyles clash even more when Chester’s spoiled brat sister comes to visit and goes head-to-head with the misogynistic Vent who is forced to deliver her baby when she goes into labor at a very inopportune time.

Vent and Chester is exactly what LIVE theater is all about. Comedy, drama, tragedy, twists, turns and mystery. It’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry and who knows…it may even make you think.

Please make a contribution to help Peter bring Vent and Chester to New York City!

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